The Thermal Switch can be used for all URI node radios.

Want to keep your radio cool when it is connected to a busy system or
reflector keyed down for hours at a time. 
Here is a great solution.
Never worry about a locked up PTT again!

 These thermal switches come with
a thread stud to mount securely to
the heat sink on the back of your radio.

The switch also comes with a nice
tab on the back to easily solder a power
 wire to your cooling fan of choice.

 Rear view of the thermal switch.

Side view of the thermal switch.

These thermal switches are of exceptional quality and will work on any
brand of radio and can be used with AC or DC to power your choice of fan.

The switches closes when the temperature reaches 100 degrees,
which completes the electrical connection and sends power to your fan.

When the temperature reaches 80 degrees the electrical circuit opens which turns
off power to your fan. That way your fan is not always running for no reason.

Note: I have a limited quantity of these thermal switches on hand.
I am selling these switches for $19.00 each plus $6.00 to pay for shipping.
Total cost is $25.00 delivered, if you live in the United States.

Click on the "Add to Cart" button to purchase a
Thermal Switch for your radio.

NOTE: I currently have these switches in stock. Quantity is limited.

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Please email me at if you have any questions about payment or shipping details.
You can also order these thermal switches directly from the manufacturer at for $25.00 each plus shipping with a minimum order of $50.00.

The part number you need is: CA-102-ST
The ST in the part number stands for threaded stud. Even though the photo does not show the threaded stud.

Try looking at:

and you will see the part number CA-102 at the bottom of the page under pricing.

The ST in the part number stands for threaded stud. Even though the photo does not show the threaded stud.

Note: You will need to drill and tap the back of your radio heat sink. 


 cables for other radios and or kits are available on special request,
For Ordering information please contact Marshall, ke6pcv via email at:

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